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Introducing Michelle and Leah, owners and operators of the BEN LEVI CATERING LLC.

This is going to be little more than just an introduction. After all, these short stories are what movies are made of.

To the many who know her, Michelle is a fiery, passionate, brutally honest, and self-described all-or-nothing young lady, who immigrated to the United States at a very young age. Leah, also an immigrant, boasts a natural talent of cooking and her untiring work ethic is comparable to a very few in the food industry.

Now imagine- if you will- this dynamic duo being not only friends, but business partners that are laser focused on the same goal: to deliver the best Kashrut compliant catering events in the history of Kosher foods. Michelle, who is an expert in marketing, Public Relations, navigating large scale business contracts and event planning, brings her invaluable expertise in managing this complex and demanding venture. It is worth mentioning that Michelle is also a talented chef and loves spending time in the kitchen- when she is not busy eating dishes prepared by Leah.

Then there is Leah: an inherent talent of creating not only traditional Kosher cuisine, but a prodigy of bringing new and innovative spins on familiar classics. Boundless in grace, she works tirelessly and never fails to deliver exquisite Kashrut compliant Jewish, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Persian, and American dishes- earning her well-deserved reputation amongst prior and current clients.

As the Lead Chef of BEN LEVI CATERING LLC, Leah is well versed in the art of commanding a commercial kitchen and preparing full menus for large scale events, as well as for intimate family gatherings alike.

Having been raised in traditional Jewish families, Michelle and Leah have not only embraced the timeless traditions of Kashrut cuisine and Jewish religious and cultural events, but they have adopted unique and daring steps that spotlight a fresh perspective on how to celebrate Jewish holidays, family events and gatherings- all while being in full compliance and supervision of Kashrut and Rabbi’s supervision.

If you have ever wondered whether Kosher food can be more than just a well-loved tradition, but an upscale and creatively glamorous event as well, we dare to say- then join the adventure with Michelle, Leah, and BEN LEVI CATERING LLC. for an exciting and unforgettable experience!

Haokhel Muhan! Beteavon! Peter A.

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