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We could say that we serve food. We could claim that our food is delicious. We could even declare that our food is one of the best tasting Kosher complaint foods ever. To us, however, it is so much more than just a chance to provide people with nourishment.

Our community is in our blood, in our souls. We are our community, and they are us. And we take a chance to serve our community beyond just as a business model – it is a privilege and honor. To us here at BEN LEVI, it is an opportunity to provide support to our synagogues, elders and the rest of our friends, family, as well as to the rest of our community. We consider BEN LEVI Catering a blessing not just to us, but to all mishpaha.
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Event Planning

From a simple drop-off service, to a full-on party planning from start to finish, our team is there to provide you exactly what you need to ensure your event is exactly how envision it!


For over 30 years, our bakery has produced a variety of cakes of spectacular designs and flavors. Our experts can provide anything from a multi-tier wedding cake to a tray of desserts customized to please and satisfy people of all ages!


For over 15 years, Ben Levi Catering has been catering to numerous events, from elegant sit-downs, to traditional Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, and everything in between! We will meet your expectations for any elegant wedding, corporate event, party and more!

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Ben Levi Catering is proud to affiliate ourselves with many amazing venues!

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